Porter Mill 20 – Cinderhill Wheel

Porter Brook

The location of the site of Cinderhill Wheel

The location of the site of Cinderhill Wheel
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.373888°,-1.467673°

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Lower Porter Mills

A = Norris Wheel, B = Bennett Wheel, C = Sylvester Wheel and D = Cinderhill Wheel,
from the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield

Cinderhill Wheel marked as 'Pond Mill' on the 1849 OS map

Cinderhill Wheel marked as ‘Pond Mill’ on the 1849 OS map

The mill appears in the rentals for the Shrewsbury estates from 1581. There were four troughs shared by six tenants, Marsden, Trippett, Sawsbie, Smith, Greenland and Ingland.

The location of the mill was given in 1588 as ‘Sinderheap wheel in the Pastures’. The Ellis family were named as the tenants from 1588 to 1753. It was used for grinding, but the dam was enlarged in 1752 and it underwent a change of use to corn milling.

In 1774 Joshua Wigfall became the miller and his family stayed there for ninety years. During this time the name changed to Pond Mill. Wigfall became bankrupt in 1795, at this date the mill had two water wheels and four stones.

Joshua Wigfall the younger was granted a sixty year lease for New Pond Mill in 1805. He immediately mortgaged the mill to Simon Tingle of Bradfield and later to John Denton of Foxhill in 1814.

By 1830 a steam engine had been installed.

The building was demolished in 1866 and the dam was filled in.

What is visible now?

The site of Cinderhill dam and works has been re-developed. The dual carriageway of St. Mary’s Road runs over the site of the dam.

The head goit entered the dam under the building at the end of Mary Street.

The Porter Brook is visible running through the buildings between Sylvester Street and Mary Street. There is a weir in the brook in the position shown on the 1849 map for the weir and head goit of the Cinderhill dam.

The site of Cinderhill mill pond in 2013

Photo pm20-001
The site of Cinderhill mill pond in 2013
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.374176°,-1.467962°

The site of Cinderhill mill pond

Photo pm20-002
Cinderhill mill pond is covered by the junction of Shoreham Street and St Mary’s Road
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.373466°,-1.468477°

The weir in the Porter Brook

Photo pm20-003
The weir in the Porter Brook which fed water into the head goit for the Cinderhill Wheel dam
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.374384°,-1.469244°