Porter Mill 17 – Norris Wheel

Porter Brook

Location of Norris Wheel

Location of Norris Wheel
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.373005°,-1.478691°

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Lower Porter Mills

A = Norris Wheel, B = Bennett Wheel, C = Sylvester Wheel and D = Cinderhill Wheel,
from the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield

The Broomhall estate wheel was built shortly before 1750 by Matthew Norris, a grinder,  of Coalpit Lane. The tail goit for the wheel encroached on land belonging to the manor of Ecclesall and rental charges were levied.

Norris wheel was enlarged in 1762 and 1764. William Fox, a relative of Norris, took up the tenancy in the 1770s.

William Norris became bankrupt in 1809 although he had sold the freehold to Dr William Younge in 1802. Younge remained the owner until the mid 1830s.

By 1840 John Jeeves jnr. was the owner/occupier but the wheel was no longer in operation in 1845.

In 1853 the site was occupied by the Albion Works.

What is visible now?

The site of the Norris Wheel is now covered by a supermarket and car park. Ecclesall Road has been re-aligned and now runs along what was Moore Street to the roundabout. The original line of the road can be seen in the line of buildings from the supermarket to the corner of London Road.

Location of Norris Wheel

Photo pm17-001
The original line of Ecclesall Road heading towards London Road.
The site of Norris Wheel and dam is now part of the supermarket and carpark on the right of the photo
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.373186°,-1.479748°