Porter Mill 14 – Stalker Wheel

Porter Brook

Location of Stalker Wheel

The location of the site of Stalker Wheel
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.369875°,-1.489345°

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Stalker Wheel 1838

Stalker Wheel on an map of Sheffield
in White’s History and Directory of Yorkshire 1838

Stalker Wheel on an 1863 Sheffield Map

Stalker Wheel in 1863
from a Sheffield map based on the 1850 Ordnance Survey

William Jessop of Broomhall leased part of Stalker Wood wheel to Thomas Phillipot in 1606-7, for the grinding of knives and other edged tools. In 1615 Phillipot and several other cutlers took out a ten year lease for ‘a Cutlers Mill and Wheels’ called Stalker Wood.

The wheel remained in the ownership of Jessop’s heirs throughout the 18th century. In 1765 Samuel Broomhead was the tenant and he was responsible for the expansion of the dam.

By 1793 Joseph Ward was the tenant and the wheel comprised of ten troughs and fourteen workers. Ward was still the tenant in 1805.

Joseph and William Wilson took over the lease in 1806. In 1818, Joseph bought the wheel and several acres of land from the Broomhall estate. By 1837-8 a new dam had been added to the site.

Henry Wilson was both owner and occupier of the site during the 1840s to 1860s.The Wilsons remained as owners until the mid 1870s when  the mill was no longer occupied. The Hardy Patent Pick Co. used parts of the building from 1876-1884.

By 1889/93, there was no evidence of either the dam or water wheel.

What is visible now?

The weir in the Porter Brook which supplied water to the Stalker dam is still visible just before the brook flows under the main entrance to the General Cemetery. The line of the head goit can be seen, although the goit has been filled in and covered by the Frog Walk footpath and Stalker Lees Road.

Site of the Stalker Wheel mill pond in 2013

Photo pm14-001
The location of the mill pond – now covered by the houses on Stalker Lees Road.
The head goit would have entered the mill pond at the corner behind the tree.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.369374°,-1.490579°

The Porter Brook flows over the Stalker weir

Photo pm14-003
The Porter Brook flows over the Stalker weir just before going under the main entrance to the General Cemetery
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.368968°,-1.490774°

Site of Stalker Wheel in 2013

Photo pm14-002
The building at the corner of Stalker Lees Road and Stalker Walk
is on the site of the Stalker Wheel works. The original building is marked
on the 1863 OS map shown above.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.369723°,-1.489541°