Porter Mill 12 – Nether Lescar Wheel

Porter Brook

Location of Nether Lescar Wheel

The location of the site of Nether Lescar Wheel
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.36775°,-1.49758°

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Lescar Wheels in 1863

The two Lescar Wheels in 1863
showing the junction of the ‘New’ Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale at Hunters Bar

Site of Nether Lescar Wheel on the 1903 OS map

1903 OS map showing the development of the site of Nether Lescar dam between Meadow Terrace and Sharrow Vale Road

Two separate wheels known as ‘Leche Carr’ existed as early as 1584 belonging to the Earls of Shrewsbury. Disputes over leases took place between the Fifth Earl and William Greaves. Greaves Wheel cannot be identified but from 1604 Nether Wheel continued to be operated until 1875.

During the 17th century the wheel was shared between several tenants, the Staniforths held the tenancy for the second half of the century.

John Barnes and William Turner took over the lease in 1704 and in 1744 Richard Hall, cutler of Crookes Moorside, became the tenant. Hall carried out enlargements to both the dam and buildings and by 1779, when Hall had died, the site was called Nether Lescar.

Jackson and Hides became tenants in 1783, employing eleven men to work eleven troughs, they bought the freehold from the Norfolk estate in 1804 and by 1806 the wheel was only operating six troughs. In 1812 Hides sold his half of the works to Thomas Dyson (scissor grinder) of Sharrow Moor. The wheel was now running twelve troughs. On the same day Dyson bought the other half from the Wilsons of Sharrow. Jackson had died in 1808.

George Younge bought the site at auction in 1830 and when it was again put up for sale in 1851 a rolling mill and forge had been installed. It was referred to as the Porter Wheel Steel Works.

Messrs Robert Smith & Co was running the forge in 1871.

By 1889/90 the dam was a marsh and the building a shell.

What is visible now?

The Nether Lescar Wheel and dam site have been built over. The outline of the original site is shown by the line of Sharrow Vale Road and Meadow Terrace.

Location of Nether Lescar Wheel

Photo pm12-001
Nether Lescar Wheel was behind the Porter Cottage in Sharrow Vale Road
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.367625°,-1.497154°

Northern side of the Nether Lescar dam

Photo pm12-002
Meadow Terrace marks the northern side of the Nether Lescar dam
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.367826°,-1.49740°

The Porter Brook flows close by the northern side of the Nether Lescar Wheel site

Photo pm12-003
The Porter Brook flows close by the northern side of the Nether Lescar Wheel site
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.367987°,-1.497366°