Porter Mill 01 – Upper Fulwood Corn Mill

Mayfield Brook

Location of Upper Fulwood Corn Mill

The location of Upper Fulwood Corn Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.36000°,-1.55880°

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Approximate position of the Fulwood Millsponds

Approximate position of the Fulwood Mills ponds
(from a Fairbank map of 1812)

The corn mill sited at Fulwood had been built before 1641 by Ulysses Fox. In doing so he was accused of ‘trespass’ for building the mill without permission. He had committed a similar offence when he set up his mill at Ecclesfield in 1624. The mill survived and Thomas Corbridge was the miller in 1675.

There was a single mill on the Mayfield Brook in 1752. Francis Healde was the tenant miller but in 1757 Francis Heald and his son John were granted a new lease for two corn mills.

A survey map of the two Fulwood mills (Upper and Nether) made in 1812 shows that the Mayfield Brook was dammed to create the mill pond. The survey map shows the mill buildings with a weir at the southern end and the wheel pit at the northern (Mayfield Lane) end. The outflow from the wheel is shown on the plan, running under what is now a yard.

In 1848 Samuel Price bought the mill (and also the Nether Mill). Samuel died in 1880 and by 1884 the mill was empty.

The mill was empty and unused in 1894. The site was obtained by the Graves Trust and transferred to Sheffield City Council in 1937/8.

What is visible now?

The overgrown remains of the mill pond can be seen (Photo pm01-001) at the corner of Mark Lane and Mayfield Lane. Photo pm01-002 shows the remaining mill buildings. The wheel pit was at the right end of the main building, with the mill machinery in the part which has been lowered to form a single storey storage area. The original roof line can still be seen clearly on the gable wall. The mill machinery has been removed.

Over grown mill pond at Upper Fulwood Mill

Photo pm01-001
Over grown mill pond at Upper Fulwood Mill
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.360337°,-1.558742°

Surviving buildings at Upper Fulwood Mill

Photo pm01-002
Surviving buildings at Upper Fulwood Mill
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.360169°,-1.558337°