Sheaf Mill 28 – Pond Mill

River Sheaf

Location of Pond Mill

The site of Pond Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.38234°,-1.46296°

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Part of the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield, showing The Ponds

Part of the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield, showing The Ponds


This corn mill was being run by the Earl Shrewsbury estate in 1578. The dam provided stocks of fish for the Earl. The mills were not leased out until the mid-seventeenth century.

In 1709 Samuel Wright was leasing the site. The Pond Mill was fitted with a new pair of ‘Blackstones’, then ten years later a new water wheel and axletree were installed and in 1721 a new floor was put in.

In 1740 Pond Mill was leased to Thomas Beeley, a cutler and to Thomas Ashford, a miller, indicating dual use.

John Sheldon took over a new lease in 1760 from the Norfolk Estates. The dam was enlarged in 1766. During Sheldon’s tenancy the name Pond Mill was transferred to the former Cinderhill Mill on the Porter and the mill was then called ‘Sheldon’s Mill’. Sheldon’s lease ran out in 1782 and from this date there is considerable doubt over the mill’s use.

By 1785 buildings on the site had been pulled down to allow for the extension of the dam. A new forge was added to Kenyon’s Pond Forge. There was no corn milling in the 19th Century, but Pond Mill was in complete working order in 1812 and the forge was still in use. The water wheel was still in existence in 1850, Stamp Forge or Lower Forge had now replaced the corn mill.

Nothing of the buildings or watercourses have survived. The entire site was built over in the second part of the nineteenth century.

The Ponds in 2012

Photo sm28-001
The area previously occupied by the Ponds Mills
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.377773°,-1.460506°

The Ponds area has been extensively re-developed several times in recent years. Photo sm28-001 shows the area in 2013. It contains the Sheaf Valley Park in the foreground, then Sheffield Transport Interchange (Supertram, Sheffield Midland Station and Bus Station) with the Digital Campus and Sheffield Hallam University in the background. The Ponds Forge sports complex can be seen through the trees on the right of the photograph.