Sheaf Mill 27 – Pond Tilt

River Sheaf

Location of Pond Tilt

The site of Pond Tilt.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.378055°,-1.463746°

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Part of the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield, showing The Ponds

Part of the 1823 Leather Map of Sheffield, showing The Ponds


This tilt  forge was set up in 1732/3 by George Marriott and his partners who were operating the neighbouring Leadmill (Marriot Wheel) site. The forge was fed by the tail goit from the Leadmill dam and also from the Porter Brook where it turned to flow  towards the River Sheaf.

A second forge was added in 1793 by the tenants Moore and Ward.Moore’s widow along with Joseph and Samuel Ward bought the freehold of the site from the Norfolk Estates in 1806/7. William Law (silver plater) and Ward were partners in 1814.

The business was sold to George Drury in 1822 and passed on to Edward Drury in 1825 when a major change in use took place and it became a saw mill. In 1830 T.A.Ward and Ed.Drury are named as operating Pond Tilt and Saw Mill. The dams were extended in 1832.

The site was being used as a grinding and saw mill in 1836. During the 1840s and 1850s, Ward’s Grinding Wheel was occupied by Isaac and then Francis Patrick. By this time steam power was being used. The 1850 OS map shows a boiler and chimney stack for a steam engine but no water wheel at the “Pond Street Sawmills”.

The works closed in 1855/6 and the pond was filled in and used as a goods yard when the Midland Railway was constructed in 1870.

The site of Pond Tilt in 2012

Photo sm27-001
The Midland Station approach in 2012
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.378157°,-1.463188°

Photo sm27-001 shows the view of the Midland Station approach in 2012. Passengers arriving in Sheffield at the Midland Station are now welcomed to the City of the Sheaf by waterfalls, a fountain and a stainless steel water curtain which now occupy the site of the old Pond Tilt dam.