Sheaf Mill 23 – Heeley Tilt

River Sheaf

Possible location of Heeley Tilt

The possible location of Heeley Tilt.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.364280°,-1.469850°

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This site was known as Holm Wheels in 1747 when it was owned by Samuel Shore and leased to Matthew Fenton (an ironmonger) as a cutler’s wheel and wire mill. Fenton converted the wire mill into a tilt forge. Matthew’s heir, Francis Fenton, sublet both the tilt and the wheel to John Turner (cutler) for 21 years.

It was still in Shore ownership in 1807, but it was no longer being used for cutlery grinding. Joshua Binney rented it with his brother until the end of the 1830s, when Thomas Ellis took over the tenancy. The mill was sold to Thomas Ellis as a result of the Shore liquidation in 1849.

When the Midland Railway survey was carried out in 1863 Thomas Gregory was the tenant at the tilt.

A rolling mill was installed during 1875. In 1890 and again in 1896, Heeley (Rolling) Mill and Tilt was offered for sale with steam engine and water rights, but with no dam, just a storage pond for water for the steam engine.

The site of the dam and the buildings have been built over.