Sheaf Mill 20 – Heeley Corn Mill

River Sheaf

Pssible location of Heeley Corn Mill

The possible location of Heeley Corn Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.35893°,-1.47707°

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Little London Works and Heeley Mill on a 1903 OS Map

Part of a 1903 OS map showing Little London Works and Heeley Mill

This mill was operating in the 16th Century but it may have been in existence earlier. During the seventeenth century it was a corn mill and the Barkers were the longest serving millers.

John Hatfield of Machon Bank owned the corn mill in 1730 when his tenant was George Hobson. George bought the mill from Hatfield in 1736 and it was then known as Hobson’s Mill. By 1797 George was declared bankrupt. At this time the water supply to the mill was increased and a new dam was dug to the east of the old one.

John Fisher owned the mill in 1804 but it was sold at auction in 1810 to Samuel Shore and William White. At the time of the sale there were three water wheels and three pairs of grinding stones.

The site was bought by Tyzack and Turner in 1876 to become part of their Little London Works.

The dam site had been built over by 1897. A tail goit outlet via an arch in the walling behind the buildings on Clyde Road still exists today.