Sheaf Mill 16 – Moscar Wheel

River Sheaf

Location of Moscar Wheel

The location of Moscar Wheel.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.34823°,-1.49223°

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This mill was being used, at least partly, for cutlery making in the fourteenth century although it is possible that it began as a corn mill. In 1496, the owner of the site, William Bras of Ecclesall,  granted nine year leases to two local cutlers – Richard Lee of Norton and Richard Bower of Ecclesall.

Ownership of the mill passed to Robert Eyre; in 1599. He leased the mill to Edward Gill of Norton who was a scythesmith. The Eyre’s and their Trustees and the Gills continued to operate the wheel throughout the seventeenth century.

By 1749 the site had two wheels.

In 1856 John Rodgers bought the freehold from the Eyre Trustees and then immediately sold the site to Henry Newbold. Rodgers stayed on the site as a tenant.

The last remaining water wheel stopped working in 1891.

The dam was filled in by 1956.

Two bungalows have been built on the site of the dam. Part of the retaining wall can be seen along the lane down to the three cottages which have been built from the works buildings. A row of garages has been built along the line of the tail goit. The yard at the rear of the end cottage may be the remains of the wheel pit.

The site is now overlooked on one side by a bridge over the River Sheaf and the entrance roadway leading to the car park of a large supermarket and on the other  (Abbeydale Road) side by the supermarket’s petrol station forecourt.