Sheaf Mill 15 – Ecclesall Mill

River Sheaf

Location of Ecclesall Mill

The location of Ecclesall Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.34533°,-1.49686°

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The mill was in existence in the thirteenth century. Sir Ralf de Ecclesall made a gift of the lease for a corn mill in Millhouses to the canons of Beauchief Abbey. In 1303 Ralf’s son Robert was still the owner and it continued to be operated as a corn mill. Beauchief Abbey was still the tenant in 1463. By 1529 the Abbey had taken over the ownership and Thomas Greenwode and his family were given a forty year lease.

Sir Nicholas Strelley was granted the Beauchief lands and holdings after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1537. Nicholas’s son was named as the owner in 1607. The Fox family were the millers throughout the sixteenth century but by 1620 there were difficulties with rental payments.

John Bright bought the Ecclesall manor in 1643 and the corn mill was upgraded several times.

The Fitzwilliam’s owned the mill by 1798.

A steam engine had been installed by 1828 although water power was still used up to 1855.

Millhouses Corn Mill remained in operation until about 1940.

The pond occupied the area which is now used as a car park and cricket pitch.