Sheaf Mill 14 – Bartin Wheel

River Sheaf

Location of Bartin Wheel

The location of Bartin Wheel.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.341719°,-1.501415°

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This site was also known as Skargell Wheel. It was built as a cutler’s wheel, by Warren Skargell (or Skargill) just before 1631. Thomas Millward was given a 20 year lease and he was still the tenant in 1648 when the Ecclesall estate was sold to John Bright.

In 1669 the Foxe family took over the tenancy and they were joined by the Bartins in 1701. John Bartin’s executors were operating the site in 1798.

By 1807 the owner of the Ecclesall estates was Earl Fitzwilliam; the wheel, now called Bartin Wheel. William Bartin was the tenant in the 1830’s. The wheel had closed down by 1850.

The site is now occupied by Millhouses Park boating lake. The weir survives and part of an arched overflow or tail-goit can be seen in the river bank below the pool.