Sheaf Mill 13 – Hudcliffe Wheel

River Sheaf

Location of Hudcliffe Wheel

The location of Hudcliffe Wheel.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.337027°,-1.507385°

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In the late sixteenth century this mill was referred to as ‘Bewchief Mill’ and was being used to grind corn.

The Pegge family owned the site in 1670, when the tenant was Robert Hudson who was using it as a paper-mill as well as a corn-mill.

By 1748 the Biggin family and William Chowe were scythe grinding. The mill remained the property of the Pegge’s and in 1774 they had the dam enlarged. The Biggins were still tenants in 1813.
By 1840 the mill had two wheels and nine troughs, the Biggins were no longer tenants. Joseph Hopkinson took up the tenancy in 1843.

The Pegge-Burnells owned the site in 1863 when the area was surveyed for the Midland Railway. At this time, scythe maker Robert Linley was a tenant.

The site was used for the construction of Beauchief railway station. When the station closed, it was used by the local authority for storage. It has now been redeveloped for housing.