Sheaf Mill 08 – Bradway Mill

River Sheaf

Possible location of Bradway Mill

The possible location of the site of Bradway Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.322357°,-1.520531°

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Sites of Upper Wheel and Bradway Mill

Possible sites of Upper Wheel and Bradway Mill – sketch from an 1805 plan superimposed on a modern satellite image

This mill was a corn grinding corn when granted to Beauchief Abbey around 1300. Roger Barker was given a 40 year lease in 1503.

After the Dissolution of the monasteries in 1537, Sir Nicholas Strelley was granted the Abbey Estates and buildings. Godfrey Fanshaw was given the lease of the mill in 1570 for a period of 21 years. It continued as a corn mill until 1781.

Thomas Biggin, grinder,  took over the mill in 1781 and by 1785 it had become a scythe grinding mill. Thomas Slack was grinding saws and scythes in 1819 using a steam driven grinding wheel.

In 1859-67, at the time of the Sheffield Outrages, Samuel Newbold of Bridgefield was grinding saw blades.

The construction of the Sheffield to Manchester (Hope Valley) railway line, in 1880, led to the straightening of the river and the removal of the mill buildings. By 1884 the dam was used as a fishpond and by 1900 it had become a boating lake.

The site is now occupied by a housing development. A length of stone walled head goit can be seen from the bridge on West View Lane.