Sheaf Mill 06 – Totley Rolling Mill

Old Hay Brook/Totley Brook

Location of Totley Rolling Mill

The location of the site of Totley Rolling Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.31980°,-1.52395°

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The dam for Totley Rolling Mill was fed from both the Old Hay Brook and Totley Brook.

Location of Totley Rolling Mill

Location of Totley Rolling Mill – extract from an 1881 Sale Plan added on to a modern satellite image.


In 1612 Leonard Gill and Thomas Hall owned a smelting mill which was referred to as the Hall’s House smelting mill. Leonard’s son Edward was the owner in 1649. In 1653, John Bright of Carbrook sold the manor of Totley including this site, to Michael Burton of Holmesfield and it remained in the Burton family until 1727 when it passed into the Bagshawe family estates.

In 1750 part of the mill was converted to a cutlers grinding  wheel. Joseph Clay of Bridgehouses bought the mill in 1759 and by 1780 he had built a lead rolling mill. G.B. Greaves, Clay’s son-in-law, was the registered owner in 1798. The mill operated a cupola and a slag mill as well as the rolling mill.

John Dyson of Abbeydale bought the mill in 1836, he was a scythe maker and with his partner Samuel Biggin they used the mill to roll steel.

The mill changed hands several times between 1845 and 1875 when the Tyzacks bought it and  operated the rolling mill and grinding wheel. They leased the cupola and slag mill to the Eyam Mining Company.

In 1881 the Tyzacks sold the site to Ebenezer Hall of Abbeydale Hall.

The mill buildings were located between Milldale Road and Old Hay Brook.

What is visible now?

The row of cottages on Mill Lane (Photo sm06-001), which are shown on the 1881 sale plan, are still there.

The only surviving building from the Totley Rolling Mill works is Mill Cottage (Photos sm06-002 and sm06-003) at the end of Mill Lane.

Row of cottages on Mill Lane

Photo sm06-001
Row of cottages on Mill Lane
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319347°,-1.525034°

Mill Cottage on Mill Lane

Photo sm06-002
Mill Cottage on Mill Lane
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319556°,-1.52438°

Mill Cottage

Photo sm06-003
Mill Cottage
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319515°,-1.524718°