Sheaf Mill 05 – Nether Mill

Old Hay Brook

Location of Nether Mill

The location of the site of Nether Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.317441°,-1.536026°

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This site was used for lead smelting from 1616 when it was referred to as Burton House and Dore Smelting Mill. Local Lords of the Manor of Dore operated the site e.g. Edward Barker; Anthony Bright and Francis Burton. When Burton took over in 1658 the name had changed to Nether Mill.
Edward Pegge became the owner in 1671 when he became the next Lord of the Manor, his tenant at the site was John Cave.

By 1800 Nether Mill was the property of the Duke of Devonshire and it was being used by John Burton for grinding and corn milling. Between 1841 and 1851 Thomas Biggin of Ashfurlong was grinding scythes and employed 10 men.

The mill and dam were no longer shown on the site by 1874. The construction of the railway line from Sheffield to Manchester through the Hope Valley and the building of the houses of Totley Brook estate in the 1890s, removed all evidence of Nether Mill, its dam and goits.