Sheaf Mill 04 – Upper Mill

Old Hay Brook

Location of Upper Mill

The location of the site of Upper Mill.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.318027°,-1.541724°

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There was a corn mill on this site in 1625 when it was owned by the Earl of Pembroke and the tenant was Edward Barker. Stephen Bright of Carbroke bought the site in 1630 with Barker continuing to lease the mill.

John Bright sold the corn mill to Michael Burton of Holmesfield in 1653 when James Bretland was the tenant and he was still operating the mill in 1693.

By 1816, John Barker was operating the corn mill then known as Bentley Corn Mill which was owned by Alex Barker.

In 1833 Joshua Hodgkinson was the corn miller but by 1839 the the site was known as Totley Scythe Mill although Hodgkinson was still the tenant. The site was owned by John and Henry Waterfall.

The mill buildings were demolished around 1852. A house, Totley Grove, and a barn now stand close to the site of the mill.