Sheaf Mill 03 – Old Hay

Old Hay Brook

Location of Old Hay

The location of the site of Old Hay.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.318926°,-1.546434°

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The location of the Old Hay mill pond

The location of the Old Hay mill pond
(based on a sale plan of 1879)

The Sixth Earl of Salisbury owned the site in 1585 when it was being used as a lead smelting mill. Ownership of the site changed hands and there was a succession of tenants  who continued to operate it for lead smelting until this activity had ceased in 1805.

By 1830, a grinding wheel was working on the site with John Davenport making saws.

William Tyzack was the tenant in 1875 when the site was owned by James Addy who sold the mill  in 1879. The mill had closed down by 1895.

The mill dam has been filled in and grassed over and the mill building is now part of a house.

The weir for Old Hay dam

Photo sm03-001
The weir on Old Hay Brook which used to provide head water for the Old Hay dam
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319542°,-1.548297°

The Old Hay dam

Photo sm03-002
The Old Hay dam, now filled in, looking from its head. The outline of the dam is shown clearly by the positions of the trees. The head goit was on the right of this photo
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319393°,-1.548329°

The top of the Old Hay wheel pit

Photo sm03-003
The remains of the top of the Old Hay wheel pit looking from the dam
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.318924°,-1.546497°

The Old Hay wheel pit

Photo sm03-004
The Old Hay wheel pit looking from the tail goit
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.319032°,-1.546521°