Sheaf Mill 02 – Totley Forge

Old Hay Brook

Location of Totley Forge

The location of the site of Totley Forge.
Mill Co-ordinates: 53.319669°,-1.550684°

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The Location of the mill ponds at Totley Forge

The Location of the mill ponds at Totley Forge
(based on a sale plan of 1879)

This site was in use as a paper mill in 1653 when John Bright sold it. It changed hands several times over the next 250 years –  for example in 1714 it was bought by the Bagshawe family. It was still being operated as a paper mill up to 1830.

By 1839 it had been converted into a scythe forge and was owned by Abraham Elliott and John Ogden. The tenant was George Mountford until 1856 when the site was put up for sale again.

James Addy owned the site in 1875 when a member of the Tyzack family was using it to forge scythes. In 1879, the site was bought by the Tyzacks who continued to use it as a scythe forge until 1891 when Joshua Tyzack had the forge and work buildings converted and rebuilt as barns for Avenue Farm.

The date – 1901 – is carved on one of these buildings which in recent years have been converted first into stables and now into a house.