Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

The location of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

The location of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Co-ordinates: 53.334217°, -1.512176°

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Jessop Tilt Hammers

The Jessop Tilt Hammers at the entrance to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is a working museum on the site of Abbeydale Works, an old scythe-making works which was in use up to 1930s.

At Abbeydale Works, the raw materials of iron and coke were turned into steel using the crucible steel melting process developed by Benjamin Huntsman. The cast steel was forged in a water powered tilt forge to produce scythe blades. The blades were finished in the water and steam powered grinding shop and in a set of hand forges.

When the original works were closed down by its then owners (the Tyzacks), it was bought by the Alderman Graves Trust and, in 1935, it was given to the City of Sheffield. After being restored to working order by the Council for the Conservation of Sheffield Antiquities, it opened as a working museum in April 1970.

At the end of March 1997, Sheffield City Council closed the Hamlet to the public as a cost cutting measure. As part of the Council’s plans to hand over services to independent organisations, the Hamlet was leased to Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust with effect from 6th April 1998 who re-opened the museum.

The water powered Tilt Hammers at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

For details of opening times and prices as well as special events being held at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, see the Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust Web Site.



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