Water Powered Sites A to Z

Abbeydale Works (SM 12) fed from the River Sheaf

Bartin Wheel (SM 14) fed from the  River Sheaf
Bradway Mill (SM 08) fed from the River Sheaf
Bennett Wheel (PM 18) fed from Porter Brook
Bentley Corn Mill – See Upper Mill (SM 04)
Bewchief Mill – See Hudcliffe Wheel (SM 13)
Bottoms Forge and Tilt – See Old Forge (PM 03)
Bottoms Saw Works – See Wire Mill (PM 04)
Broomhall Mill (PM 16) fed from Porter Brook
Broomhall Wheel (PM 15) fed from Porter Brook
Blyth Mill (SM 21) fed from Meers Brook)

Castle Orchards Wheel (SM 30) fed from the River Sheaf
Cinderhill Wheel (PM 20) fed from Porter Brook
Cliffield Wheel – See Smithy Wood (SM 18)
Clough Wheels (SM 25) fed from the River Sheaf
Cooper Wheel (SM 24) fed from the River Sheaf

Dore Corn Mill – See Ryecroft Mill (SM 11)
Dore Smelting Mill – See Nether Mill (SM 05)

Ecclesall Mill (SM 15) fed from the River Sheaf
Ellin’s Wheel – See Sylvester Wheel (PM 19)
Endcliffe Wheel (PM 10) fed from Porter Brook

Forge Wheel – See Pond Forge (SM 29)

Garlicke Wheel – See Smithy Wood (SM 18)

Hall’s House Smelting Mill – See Totley Rolling Mill (SM 06)
Hammer Wheel – See Norton Hammer (SM 17)
Heeley Corn Mill (SM 20) fed from the River Sheaf
Heeley Tilt (SM 23) fed from the River Sheaf
Heeley Wheel (SM 22) fed from the River Sheaf
Hobson’s Mill – See Heeley Corn Mill (SM 20)
Hind Wheel – See Sylvester Wheel (PM 19)
Holm Wheels _ See Heeley Tilt (SM 23)
Holme Wheel (PM 09) fed from Porter Brook
Holme Wheel – See Leather Wheel (PM 05)
Hudcliffe Wheel (SM 13) fed from the River Sheaf

Ibbotson Wheel (PM 07) fed from Porter Brook



Lead Mill (SM 26) fed from the River Sheaf
Leather Wheel (PM 05) fed from Porter Brook
Little London Wheel (SM 19) fed from the River Sheaf
Lower Forge – See Pond Mill (SM 28)

Marriott Wheel – See Lead Mill (SM 26)
Moscar Wheel (SM 16) fed from the River Sheaf

Nether Fulwood Corn Mill (PM 02) fed from Mayfield Brook
Nether Lescar Wheel (PM 12) fed from Porter Brook
Nether Mill (SM 05) fed from Old Hay Brook
Nether Mill (Porter Brook) – See Leather Wheel (PM 05)
Nether Spurgear (PM 08) fed from Porter Brook
New Pond Mill – See Cinderhill Wheel (PM 20)
Norris Wheel (PM 17) fed from Porter Brook
Norton Hammer (SM 17) fed from the River Sheaf

Old Forge (PM 03) fed from Porter Brook
Old Hay (SM 03) fed from Old Hay Brook

Pond Forge (SM 29) fed from the River Sheaf
Pond Mill (SM 28) fed from the River Sheaf
Pond Street Saw Mills – See Pond Tilt (SM 27)
Pond Tilt (SM 27) fed from the River Sheaf
Porter Wheel – See Leather Wheel (PM 05)


Ryecroft Mill (SM 11) fed from Limb Brook and Ryecroft Brook

Sharrow Wheel (PM 13) fed from Porter Brook
Sheldon’s Mill – See Pond Mill (SM 28)
Shepherd Wheel (PM 06) fed from Porter Brook
Simon’s Wheel – See Castle Orchards Wheel (SM 30)
Skargell Wheel – See Bartin Wheel (SM 14)
Smithy Wood (SM 18) fed from the River Sheaf
Stalker Wheel (PM 14) fed from Porter Brook
Stamp Forge – See Pond Mill (SM 28)
Sylvester Wheel (PM 19) fed from Porter Brook

Taylor’s Grinding Wheel – See Heeley Wheel (SM 22)
Totley Forge (SM 02) fed from Old Hay Brook
Totley Rolling Mill (SM 06) fed from Old Hay Brook and Totley Brook
Totley Scythe Mill – See Upper Mill (SM 04)

Upper Fulwood Corn Mill (PM 01) fed from Mayfield Brook
Upper Lescar Wheel (PM 11) fed from Porter Brook
Upper Mill (SM 04) fed from Old Hay Brook
Upper Smelting Mills (SM 01) fed from Redcar Brook
Upper Spurgear Wheel – See Ibbotson Wheel (PM 07)
Upper Wheel (SM 07) fed from the River Sheaf


Walk Mill (SM 09) fed from the River Sheaf
Whirlow Wheel (SM 10) fed from Whirlow Brook
Whiteley Wood Bottoms Wheel – See Leather Wheel (PM 05)
Whiteley Wood Forge – See Old Forge (PM 03)
Whiteley Wood Rolling Mill – See Wire Mill (PM 04)
Wire Mill (PM 04) fed from Porter Brook