Video 002

Clay Wheels Forge 1

by snoozzz

Clay Wheel Forge, on Clay Wheels Lane in Sheffield was built in 1755 and in continuous operation until the early 1950’s. The forge used “tilt hammers” powered by water, dammed from the river Don feeding a water wheel. The black and white photos in this video were taken in the 1930’s when the forge was used for making scythes under the ownership of W. Tyzack’s of Sheffield. Prior to their tenancy it was operated by Thomas Firth and John Brown Ltd when it had been used to forge gun barrels.

Credits:  Video produced by snoozzz (USA) and uploaded to YouTube on 14 June 2009

The map at the beginning of the clip is from an ordnance survey map of 1855 except that the rivers Don and Loxley were colored in by me. The color photograph showing the site today was taken from Google Earth and the music is the opening of the overture to “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” by John Williams.

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