Video Library

Here is a list of links to videos  which are relevant to the River Sheaf, and its tributaries. The videos have been posted on YouTube by various individuals and organisations. We have produced and published some ourselves.

We have included some ‘non Sheaf’ material which may provide additional interesting and/or relevant information.

Click on a link or thumbnail to open a new video window.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Tilt Forge by j2g for

Clay Wheels Forge -1 by snoozzz (USA)

Clay Wheels Forge -2 by snoozzz (USA)

History of the River Sheaf by Red City Projects

Restoration of Shepherd Wheel -1 by Friends of Porter Valley

Restoration of Shepherd Wheel -2 by obscureed

Sharrow Snuff Mill by j2g for

Sheffield Canal Basin by Boats and Canals

Sheffield Canal – Quick Tour by Sheffield Canal Co. and Sheffield Narrowboats

Sheffield Castle by Red City Projects

Sheffield’s Back Garden – Living History in Ecclesall Woods by Growtheatre

Sheffield’s St Paul’s Church and Peace Gardens by Red City Projects

Time Team Steel City Special 2004 by Channel 4