Limb Brook

Map showing the location of Limb Brook

Location of Limb Brook

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Ringinglow Round House

The Toll House at Ringinglow.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.349072°, -1.564651°


The source of Limb Brook is in the woodland between Ringinglow Road and the old turnpike (Houndkirk) Road close to the Ringinglow Toll House (The Round House).






Source of Limb Brook

Limb Brook flows from under Sheephill Road (Houndkirk Road) at Ringinglow.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.348572°, -1.564575°

The Brook flows out from under Sheephill Road (Houndkirk Road) and heads south east towards Whirlow. It is followed by the Sheffield Round Walk path.







Limb Brook flows through its valley on the south east side of the Ringinglow Road, between the Whirlow Farm Trust and Whirlowbrook Hall on its way towards Ecclesall Road South (A625).

LimbBrook003 Limb Brook flowing South East towards Whirlow.

Limb Brook flowing South East towards Whirlow.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.348329°,-1.564307°











Limb Brook flows out from under the A625 at Whirlow
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.339471°, -1.534181°


The Brook is culverted to pass under the A625 and emerges by the side of the ruins of Whirlow Wheel.







From Whirlow, the Brook flows south east into Ecclesall Woods where it is joined by Ryecroft Brook at the site of Ryecroft Mill.

Limb Brook at Abbeydale Road South

Limb Brook leaves Ecclesall Woods and goes under the A621 (Abbeydale Road South)
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.329463°,-1.516156°


After flowing past the Abbeydale Miniature Railway (built and operated by the Sheffield and District Society of Model and Experimental Engineers), the brook exits from the woods and passes under the A621 (Abbeydale Road South).





From here, Limb Brook flows between houses and then under the Midland Railway line just north of Dore and Totley Station. It then joins the River Sheaf to flow past Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Museum.

Limb Brook going under the Midland Railway line to join the Sheaf

Limb Brook flows under the Midland Railway Line near Dore and Totley Station, to join the River Sheaf.
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.329457°,-1.515754°


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