Old Hay Brook

Map showing Old Hay Brook

Location of Old Hay Brook

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Houndkirk Moor

Photo Houndkirkmoor01
View from Houndkirk Moor (the source of Redcar Brook) looking towards Totley and Dore
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.340033°, -1.571550°

Blackamoor Nature Reserve

Photo Blackamoor01
Blackamoor Nature Reserve, (the source of Blacka Brook)
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.321466°, -1.584692°

Needham's Dyke

Photo Needham008
Needham’s Dyke flowing alongside Penny Lane
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.316377°, -1.544631°

Totley Brook joins Old Hay Brook to become the River Sheaf

Photo sheaf001
Totley Brook joins Old Hay Brook to become the River Sheaf
Photo Co-ordinates: 53.320098°,-1.524004°

The area covered by Totley Moor, Blacka Moor and Houndkirk Moor between the A625 (Sheffield to Hathersage) and the A621 (Sheffield to Baslow) is the catchment for the streams which feed Old Hay Brook.

The three main sources are Redcar Brook, Blacka Brook and Needhams Dyke.

Redcar Brook starts on Houndkirk Moor close to the A625 and flows past Dore and down toward Totley. On its way it passes the site of the Upper Smelting Mills which are no longer visible.

Blacka Brook, starting on Blacka Moor, flows through the nature reserve towards Totley, past the mill ponds of the old Totley Forge.

Redcar Brook and Blacka Brook join together between Avenue Farm and the site of Totley Forge and become Old Hay Brook which then flows past the site of Old Hay water powered mill.

Needhams Dyke rises on Totley Moor, north of the A621 and heads down towards Totley. On its way it passes the Cricket Inn and runs alongside Penny Lane, then goes under Old Hay Lane to join Old Hay Brook.

Old Hay Brook then passes the site of Upper Mill before running along its re-routed path by the Hope Valley railway line as the railway emerges from Totley Tunnel.

The brook runs alongside the railway line but at a higher level and is carried over the railway line in an aqueduct. It then flows at the foot of the high ground at Totley Rise before heading under the A621 towards the site of the old Totley Rolling Mill.

Old Hay Brook joins with Totley Brook and together they become the River Sheaf at the point where the A621 (Baslow Road) enters Abbeydale and becomes Abbeydale Road South.

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