Meersbrook Memories

I believe at the junction of Brooklyn Road and Albert Road was the most likely spot for the Blyth Mill dam. When I was a child, a removal man Jack Lawlers had his business premises on this large area it was grass with large indents in it. I wonder if Blyth mill belonged to the Blyth brothers at Bishops house?

The Meers brook then ran down Albert Road behind the houses and at the bottom of 88 Albert Road was a large area which we use to call the dam as kids. It was empty except for a deep stream. This area I think belonged to Joseph Tyzack on Valley road. (I spent many happy hours playing in the Meersbrook with a dog we had at the time.) I remember their massive chimney being dismantled, we watched it gradually disappear……….this was in the late 50s-early 60s.

Around 1963 a large culvert was put over the Meersbrook right down to Chesterfield road. The large concrete and metal tunnels they used for the culvert were stored in the old garages which are still there by the side of 88 Albert Road.


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