The People and the Porter Project

Vote for Aviva to support the River Stewardship Company’s “The People and the Porter” (PPP) project which will work with local residents, schools, community groups, existing volunteers and staff at the Aviva site on Pear Street in Sheffield to help improve the River Porter corridor for people and wildlife. The project’s volunteer days will enable improvements to the river corridor to take place in the form of invasive species removal, habitat creation, litter and debris removal, vegetation and footpath clearance and graffiti removal.

The project will work alongside existing community groups based in the area including The Friends of the General Cemetery (based next to the Porter) and Sharrow Vale Community Association. Both groups take an active interest in the river corridor and we would consult both organisations to deliver an effective programme that delivers what local residents need.

The PPP will fund a River Steward to plan, co-ordinate and deliver all the volunteer sessions. It will pay for necessary equipment (e.g. bird/bat boxes, herbicide, skips & paint) to deliver improvements to the area. It will also cover the transport costs of volunteers attending sessions and provide basic refreshments for all who take part.

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