21st Nov 19

Sheffield Rivers

The River Don and its Sheffield tributaries – Loxley, Rivelin and Sheaf (with the Porter).

Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, is one of the largest cities in the UK. The city is built on the hills and valleys which have been formed by the River Don and several small rivers which feed into the Don. One of these rivers, the River Sheaf, has given its name to the city.

The rivers and streams have played a very important role in the development of Sheffield from  its beginnings as a collection of small hamlets to the present day city.

With this web site, we hope to develop a collection of material about the River Sheaf, the small feeder streams and its surroundings. We will try to bring together information, views, facts and opinions about the places, people and organisations which have been part of the geography and history of the area.  By collating evidence of human activity, both past and present, we hope to highlight continuity and change in the landscape and its use over time.

As well as supporting an interest in the past, we hope this site will also help to raise the profile of local community groups, local crafts people and local businesses in the area.